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Selfsucking Tips and Tricks

Probably the single most common question I receive from followers is some variation on “how can I learn to selfsuck?” The simple answer is that there isn’t a single answer that will work for everyone, but my attempt in creating this page is to offer a collection of tips, tricks, and links that may help you.

Please Note: Selfsucking is not unlike an extreme sport, in that it often involves pushing your to its limits (extreme stretching) and pushing past these limits to make progress. There is the potential to hurt yourself, so listen to your body, use common sense, and STOP if what you’re doing causes pain.


Tips and Tricks for Selfsucking, Version 0.1

Before we begin, it’s important to set realistic goals. Reaching the point of being able to selfsuck is going to be a different process for every man, and is simply going to be impossible for the majority of men. Wikipedia tells us that the famous sex researcher Alfred Kinsey found that less than 1% of men could make contact and fewer than 1 in 1000 could actually perform ‘full autofellatio’. I don’t doubt for a moment that the 1% figure is wrong - far more men could make contact if they really worked at it, but the point stands. If you can’t even bend over to touch your toes, your time may well be better spent on other pursuits.

Since selfsucking involves a great deal of bending at the back, two major issues many men are initially going to run into are flexibility and being overweight.

The later is simple - if you’re overweight (or simply have a bit of a gut) the first step in working toward selfsucking is to lose that extra weight. Not only will it make your task easier, but you’ll be healthier and happier as a whole for it. You DO NOT, however, need to have six-pack abs - simply getting to the point of having a flat stomach should suffice.

Beyond simply being of a reasonable weight, making sure that you wait a few hours after eating (even better, take a dump first), then your stomach will be that much less in the way that it would be when you’re full.

Working on flexibility should be rather straightforward, remembering that the only way you’re going to make real progress is to work on it slowly over an extended period of time. Pushing things too hard and too fast is only going to cause injuries, which will slow your progress and could even prevent you from ever reaching. A yoga class (or DVDs or even lessons on YouTube) may be a helpful starting place.

Waiting until the end of the day and carefully warming before stretching (or attempting to autofellatio) is helpful as well - remember that your goal is basically to maximize flexibility.

Helpful Sites, Links, and Guides Forums - Users ask questions, share advice, and discuss progress - they usually have excellent advice

How to Self Suck - Written by Timothy Binder, this basic guide has been circulating on the internet for a few years.

College Sex Advice - Has some general tips and specific information on different positions to try.

Sites, Links, and Guides to Avoid

YogaFellatio - Although I haven’t read their ‘book,’ the reviews I’ve seen are that most of the information is common sense or easily available from free sources. Probably not worth the money.


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